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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Websites for San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore

Website Marketing ServicesWhen designing and setting up a local website for your business, one that is going to be bringing in the majority of the business through local markets, be sure to include your city name or local city names of the areas your business serves.

Why should you have the local city names in your website pages?

Understand that more and more people are using Google Search and other search engines to find local businesses all the time. By including the names of the local markets, your website is much more likely to show up in the Google Search results pages specific to the cities listed.

For example: If you specialize in the repair of BMW automobiles in San Ramon, CA, you should say that on your website, or even include it in the title of the website. If you are serving the whole Tri-Valley area, then listing the main cities (Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon, and Danville) would be very beneficial from a search engine marketing perspective.

This is especially true for Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Physical Therapists, Accounts, Plumbers, Insurance Agents, Painters, Realtors, Interior Designers, Restaurants, and a host of other trades and businesses that are directly tied to local markets.

Most people do not look for an attorney somewhere in the USA online. They look for an attorney in San Ramon, or they look for an attorney in Danville. The search terms are specific to a local city location nine times out of ten. While you might be thinking that dilutes your exposure to larger areas, you have to think in terms of your target markets and where you want to focus your search marketing efforts first.

People are getting much better at using the search engines to find everything they want. More people are learning how to constrain their search results to specific target locations. So, if you do not include your search terms for the local cities, you are probably loosing market share to others that are taking advantage of the online marketing situation.

If you are going to use targeted online advertising in addition to your Internet marketing efforts also, such as Google AdWords (which I highly recommend for many market segments) you can also target specific local geographic markets with your ads. If you have the city names in the landing pages, visitors to your business website are much more likely to convert into paying customers.

Get your business found online in the search engine results pages. Learn how you can start gaining new customers almost immediately. Take advantage of Internet marketing services, online advertising strategies, and Web branding solutions.

Do you want a free website analysis of your business? Do you want to get your website found on Google Search? Contact Professional Web Services today, for a free Internet marketing evaluation. Don't have a website yet - no problem, just tell us that you are thinking of having a website in the future, and we'll give you an idea of what your business strategy should focus on. We can also design and build a website for you.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Local Internet Marketing for Home Sales

Luxury Home
Lennar Bay Area Homebuilding Taps into Internet Marketing for Home Sales

SAN RAMON, Calif., Sep 25, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) Lennar Bay Area Homebuilding has expanded its sales and marketing efforts with a dedicated internet-only sales team. The program, which began in May, offers potential homebuyers four ways to communicate with Lennar through the Internet: the company's updated website (, email, a dedicated internet toll-free number and live chats (also called instant messaging). All of these elements can result in a face-to-face meeting with an Internet team member at a Lennar Welcome Home Center.

Luxury Homes
This story reflects the true nature of what is happening with the Internet and sales generated. Other homebuilders need to look at the following results of what has happened with Lennar and apply those lessons learned into their own home building domains.

For example, in June, Lennar had 251 Internet generated leads and 255 live chat sessions (roughly 7.5 per day). By the end of the month, the internet team helped drive 20% of the total homes sold. In July, the number are even more impressive with internet leads reaching 439 and roughly 25% of sales impacted by one of the internet avenues of communication. The most recent results indicate that the internet channel played an active role with just over 40% of home sales in August.
Read more about how Lennar is using local internet marketing.

Many builders are still thinking pre-internet days of simply building it and they will come attitudes. The advertising and marketing dollars spent are typically in traditional media advertising outlets such as, newspapers, radio, magazines, and local television shows, instead of taking advantage of the power of the internet and local search. The internet seems to be much of an afterthought with many of the brick and mortar home builders (pardon the pun), instead of wrapping their sales, marketing, and advertising arms around what the internet can do to really drive business sales today.

Home builders need to understand that over 70 percent of the people start their home searches online. A newly built house coming on to the real estate market place is no different than that of all the resale homes available in the area. In fact, when a builder first announces a new development to begin with, there may be much fanfare, but that soon dies down, and gives way to simply just having another number of homes now available in the local real estate market place.

Builders need to set their homes and developments apart. That means not only taking into account the developer's brand image from the main builder's website, but also developing the keywords and names of the local areas integrated within a real estate development website of all its own. By developing a website, with its own unique name directly for a project, builders will be doing themselves a favor for free publicity online. Not only will it be good from a promotional aspect, but with the ability to include floor plans, home pictures (inside and outside), lot sizes, lot availability, and news of what is happening within the development, potential buyers will be able to see what is going on and buyers will much more likely come by to visit to check it out for themselves.

Many of the communities being built today are set up as homeowners associations. After the builder has built out the project, and with the website already in place, or register another website for the homeowners association, the developer can then give the website to the homeowners association with beautiful pictures and floor plans included. This would be a great way to place good will back into the community. This would also add future value to the homes in that area, plus would certainly be making a good name for the builder into the future.

Contact Professional Web Services for all your Internet marketing services needs today. We offer the services, strategies, and sales solutions to get your business found online today.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Local Business San Ramon Marketing

Open for BusinessAre You Open for Business?

Are you trying to reach the local businesses or consumers in San Ramon, California? How about the customers in Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, or Danville for your target audiences?

To reach the local communities in your local area requires more planning than ever before. Simply placing an ad in the local Tri-Valley Herald or San Ramon Times newspapers is not enough today to get your marketing message out. Placing a small business phone number and address in the Yellow Pages used to be prime real estate for advertising, but with the advent of the Internet, that has reduced the marketing impact drastically for Yellow Page advertising.

So, what is a business to do today in order to attract new customers, and keep them coming back? As always, good word of mouth advertising is probably one of the most important aspects a business can generate today. Good word of mouth advertising begins with the moment a potential customer discovers a place of business, service provider, restaurant, or any B2B or B2C business.

Example of Local Marketing Concepts

Everyone has their favorite restaurant or restaurants, and my wife and I are no different in that aspect. We like Italian food. Two of our favorite restaurants in the San Ramon Valley are Pasta Primavera Cafe and Pasta Pomodoro. We have lived in San Ramon for over 27 years, so we know what the local favorites are in the Valley. But, San Ramon is growing by leaps and bounds, with thousands of new people moving into the Dougherty Valley and calling San Ramon their home for the first time. This group of potential new consumers are likely to have never heard of these two restaurants. And, in the age we live, it is becoming less likely that they would go to their phone book to see what is available. It is more likely that they would simply do a Google Search for pasta San Ramon or Italian restaurants in San Ramon.

In light of today's online connections, where the majority of people in San Ramon have access to the Internet, it is extremely important to have a local online presence in order to reach these target markets. Local search marketing and advertising is not just for restaurants. Every business, from doctors, lawyers, Realtors, architects, and dentists, to automotive repair, interior decorators, pool services, and all types of professional services need to have an Internet presence.

Talk to Professional Web Services today to build an online marketing and advertising strategy that will bring in new customers for your business future.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

San Ramon Update

It has been some time since we have posted in the San Ramon section. We have been busy providing Internet marketing services for our customers all over the country. However, efforts to expand on local search is definitively a necessity for businesses in the San Ramon Valley today.

Dougherty Valley High SchoolMany things have changed in the San Ramon Valley in recent days. San Ramon has grown to include areas on the east side of the hills in the Dougherty Valley. New schools have opened, including a brand new Dougherty Valley High School. Thousands of new residents have moved into the area with thousands more expected in the near future. Besides the opening of the new high school there have been new middle schools and grade schools opened with additional schools planned through the entire Dougherty Valley area.

Safeway recently opened a new 59,000-square-foot "lifestyle" store, located at 11050 Bollinger Canyon Road in the Gale Ranch community. The lifestyle stores are designed to be upscale in nature and also have a number of smaller retailers, restaurants, coffee shops, and banks located in the same shopping center areas.

With the addition of the new areas, and the expansion of our San Ramon population, it is important for businesses to develop their local online presence, especially if those businesses are driven by local customers.

A website can give a small business presence online. However, just having a website is not good enough today. If a local business is not developing their keywords related to a particular local service sector, or products being sold, then they are most likely loosing sales to other competitors in the area.

People are using the phone book Yellow pages less and less. Instead, they look to the Internet, and the search engines to find everything from restaurants to Realors, and everything in between.

Search Engine Strategies

Recently, Professional Web Services attended the annual Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose, CA. One of the main themes of the show is all about developing strategies for getting better search engine exposure. Part of that process involves developing a website properly for the search engine spiders, also referred to as search engine robots to find and catalog those pages so they will show up in the search engine results. This Internet marketing process is known as search engine optimization or SEO for short.

Additionally, the show provided insights into online advertising, Internet marketing, promotional product advertising, and more information about ways to get a business more exposure online. After the show on Tuesday, was the annual Google Dance at the Googleplex in Mountain View. Great time, great food and drinks, and of course great company was on tap for the attendees, all provided by Google. The Google Dance has been an annual event for quite some time. Along with all the fun things to do at the dance was also the chance to talk with the Google Engineers. This was a prime opportunity to ask your questions and get hands on application help for what ever area of Google online services you wanted to find out about.

I personally think that Google Engineers get as much or more out of the evening as the rest of the attendees. Some of the questions asked to the engineers required additional investigative research on Google's part, while other questions asked by the attendees were more of a, "How do I do this?" in regards to a particular application. Everything was hands on.

Everyone mingled with everyone else. I met Google employees that were from various locations around the world. Some of the Google engineers were planning on being in Mountain View only for several weeks while others were in the US for an extended period of time. Other fun activities besides dancing were: video games, volley ball, karaoke, and dunk a Google guy.

So, if you need help getting your local website in San Ramon improved for the search engines, Professional Web Services is here to help.

Read more about Internet marketing services.

Feel free to write us with your search questions today. Be sure to ask for your free Internet marketing analysis for your business. Get your company found online today!

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Local Search Engine Marketing

Highlight Your
Engine Business
San Ramon Search Engine Marketing

The Internet has changed the world and it affects your local business in more ways than one. First off, you might think that you do not need to have a web presence or the only form of advertising that is necessary is the local newspapers such as the Contra Costa Times, San Ramon Valley Times, or the Tri Valley Herald. Or, maybe just having a Yellow Pages ad is thought to be good enough for your local business. Your justification for not having a website is, "we do not do business on the Internet and we are not some sort of ecommerce website that is going to sell products throughout the world." If that is your thought process then you are in for a full frontal assault by a small but ever increasing number of small businesses that are developing their websites in the local community.

Thousands of people daily, in your local community use local search to track down everything from Realtors, Lawyers, Auto Repair Outlets, Plumbers, Doctors, Dentists, Painters, Roofers, Restaurants, Caterers, Florists, Tree Trimmers, House Cleaners, and even the Party Clowns. With the Internet at peoples' fingertips, they are not even opening their Yellow Pages to look for telephone numbers. With the power of online mapping programs like Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, or MSN Maps; it is just commonsense for the new generation to use the Internet to find the address location and directions to a local business outlet.

With these thoughts in mind, the wise decision to make for business is to have a website that works for you in the local search community. This is a place to really display your business and talk about the services or products provided. Don't be shy online. Certainly everything must adhere to truth in advertising, but those searching on the Internet will never know much about your business if you are not marketing it. In fact, without implementing some sort of Internet marketing plan, the likelihood of ever getting discovered online will be greatly diminished.

For a powerful local search Internet marketing plan, contact Professional Web Services for a free B2B or B2C Internet marketing consultation.

Professional Web Services provides Internet marketing services, ethical SEO, search engine optimization, online advertising strategies, professional blogging services, and web branding solutions.

Professional Web Services

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Local Search Marketing And Advertising

San Ramon community has an outstanding business growth curve.

Marketing Advertising Branding
Thousands of new homes are being built in the Dougherty Valley, many at prices starting at over one million dollars. With the proliferation of High Speed Internet throughout and the addition of these new homes, plus the executive lifestyle of many of the homeowners, the market is ripe for local businesses to seriously consider the Internet as a means of marketing and advertising their products and services online.

Sending out postcards, flyers, or advertising in the local newspaper and radio is not enough to increase market presence for local businesses today. Improving brand awareness needs to be the number one goal of every single small business owner, utilizing all the Ecommerce marketing tools at their disposal.

The Internet has been known for the large search market base that can drawn thousands of website visitors from around the globe. Up until recently the target market for Ecommerce websites on the Internet was more of a wide spread spectrum that could not target the local community. But, that is starting to change with the search engines implementing Local Search.

Local search will become more important for every community throughout America and the World. Local real estate services, automotive repair, restaurants, movie theaters, doctors, dentists, accounts, lawyers, house cleaning, gardening services, and more will be in a position to take advantage of this marketing and advertising medium.

Placing a B2B or B2C website online is only the beginning point in the quest to establish your brand in the hearts and minds of the local consumers. A website can not be simply a static tool to obtain new sales. It requires updates and new content on a regular basis; not only to improve sales and brand awareness but also to properly portray the company products, services, and prices from a legal, ethical, and FTC advertising guidelines perspective. See: Advertising And Marketing On The Internet - Honesty. Additionally, Online advertising (Pay Per Click Advertising) geared toward the Local Search community is also necessary to improve the market reach of the business.

Content Manager

To truly be effective, the online approach must incorporate a relationship between what is known as the content manager and the business owner. A good content manager can take information supplied by a business owner and optimize it for the Web. This is known by some as SEO, Search Engine Optimization. In effect, the content is written and edited for good web form.

If you are interesting in finding out more information or for a Free No Obligation website analysis contact us by phone or E-mail Professional Web Services today.

Improve Your E-Business Marketing Message

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Extending Local Market Reach

Professional Web Services is proud to be a member of the San Ramon community located in Deer Ridge.

We would like to extend a welcome to all our readers.

Our goals are:

To keep the community abreast of the technology available to promote small and large local businesses, restaurants, real estate services, plumbers, electricians, automotive services, doctors, lawyers, dentists, telecommunications engineering services firms, and others on the Internet.

To expand the market reach, increase brand recognition, and improve the sales of all types of business in the San Ramon Valley.

For an idea of what we do for customers, visit our Internet marketing website.