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Friday, August 31, 2007

San Ramon Update

It has been some time since we have posted in the San Ramon section. We have been busy providing Internet marketing services for our customers all over the country. However, efforts to expand on local search is definitively a necessity for businesses in the San Ramon Valley today.

Dougherty Valley High SchoolMany things have changed in the San Ramon Valley in recent days. San Ramon has grown to include areas on the east side of the hills in the Dougherty Valley. New schools have opened, including a brand new Dougherty Valley High School. Thousands of new residents have moved into the area with thousands more expected in the near future. Besides the opening of the new high school there have been new middle schools and grade schools opened with additional schools planned through the entire Dougherty Valley area.

Safeway recently opened a new 59,000-square-foot "lifestyle" store, located at 11050 Bollinger Canyon Road in the Gale Ranch community. The lifestyle stores are designed to be upscale in nature and also have a number of smaller retailers, restaurants, coffee shops, and banks located in the same shopping center areas.

With the addition of the new areas, and the expansion of our San Ramon population, it is important for businesses to develop their local online presence, especially if those businesses are driven by local customers.

A website can give a small business presence online. However, just having a website is not good enough today. If a local business is not developing their keywords related to a particular local service sector, or products being sold, then they are most likely loosing sales to other competitors in the area.

People are using the phone book Yellow pages less and less. Instead, they look to the Internet, and the search engines to find everything from restaurants to Realors, and everything in between.

Search Engine Strategies

Recently, Professional Web Services attended the annual Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose, CA. One of the main themes of the show is all about developing strategies for getting better search engine exposure. Part of that process involves developing a website properly for the search engine spiders, also referred to as search engine robots to find and catalog those pages so they will show up in the search engine results. This Internet marketing process is known as search engine optimization or SEO for short.

Additionally, the show provided insights into online advertising, Internet marketing, promotional product advertising, and more information about ways to get a business more exposure online. After the show on Tuesday, was the annual Google Dance at the Googleplex in Mountain View. Great time, great food and drinks, and of course great company was on tap for the attendees, all provided by Google. The Google Dance has been an annual event for quite some time. Along with all the fun things to do at the dance was also the chance to talk with the Google Engineers. This was a prime opportunity to ask your questions and get hands on application help for what ever area of Google online services you wanted to find out about.

I personally think that Google Engineers get as much or more out of the evening as the rest of the attendees. Some of the questions asked to the engineers required additional investigative research on Google's part, while other questions asked by the attendees were more of a, "How do I do this?" in regards to a particular application. Everything was hands on.

Everyone mingled with everyone else. I met Google employees that were from various locations around the world. Some of the Google engineers were planning on being in Mountain View only for several weeks while others were in the US for an extended period of time. Other fun activities besides dancing were: video games, volley ball, karaoke, and dunk a Google guy.

So, if you need help getting your local website in San Ramon improved for the search engines, Professional Web Services is here to help.

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Feel free to write us with your search questions today. Be sure to ask for your free Internet marketing analysis for your business. Get your company found online today!

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